Hosszu blir superhelt

Katinka Hosszu har lansert sin egen tegneserie, Iron Lady Arcanum, der ho sjølv har hovudrollen som superhelt.

Det kjem som ei forlenging av selskapet heinar Iron Corp, som har fått ei underavdeling som heiter Iron Comics.

- Det første prosjektet er en tegneserie der du kan finne ut hele sannheten bak Iron Lady, skriver Hosszu om lanseringa som skjer 1. juli.

Skal sei Iron Lady-imperiet vokser..

I have a very exciting announcement to make! The Iron Corporation has expanded with a new creative subdivision, Iron Comics. The first project of this division is a comic series, where you can find out the whole truth behind the Iron Lady.

The first issue will be released as a double issue on July 1st and then it comes out in the beginning of every month. The title of the comic is Iron Lady - Arcanum.

I couldn't wait to share this news with you, it was hard to keep it as a secret until now, because me and my team have been working on this project for a pretty long time! I am very proud that what we are publishing reflects my company and personal philosophy, we think outside of the box.

One of the main reasons why we started our company is to give job opportunities to young Hungarians and this project does exactly that. The Iron Team works a lot but we very much enjoy creating content that's entertaining and motivating at the same time not only for kids but for all generations.

If you want to subscribe you can do that on! #Arcanum #HWAPO #IronLady #IronNation

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