2. plass til Johannessen

FOTO: Øyvind Thorsen/ FOTO: Øyvind Thorsen/

Cecilie Johannessen blei nummer to på 200m fri under Scottish National.

Tida 2.00,75 er dessverre eit stykke unna målet om OL-krav (1.58,96), men Cecilie har to muligheter igjen: 50 og 100m fri.

Splitter: 28,09-58,79(30.70)-1.29,78(30.99)-2.00,75 (30.97).

1. Camilla Hattersley 1.59,90
2. Cecilie Johannessen 2.00,75
3. Hannah Miley 2.00,85

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  • Trollmann • 1 juli 2016 02:57:02
    Well done Cecilie, and good luck !
    Clark Kent; In Norway we call your kind "a troll"
  • clark kent • 1 juli 2016 01:56:34
    Are you going to Rio to get a nice tan?
    Who is fooling all these norwegians to belive they still should pursue the olympic dream? A lazy federation without guidance? Weak minded coaches that do not tell the athletes the reality of thimgs, have the balls to start working hard 4 years prior to the olympics? I do not know , but it is sad too watch from the outside.
    Wish henrik the best of luck, he will perform when the day comes.
    To all others, start your journey towards tokyo 2020 now!




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